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I'm not a muslim, I'm Christian.. but I live in Dubai, a lot of people around me are practicing muslims and I've met some of the kindest people in the world here. None of which seem to be indoctrinated with the negativity you talk about. Isn't a religions reflection shown in it's people? Of course there are a few bad apples (extremist countries) but I think u should experience first hand what muslim communities are about, even if you came from one



Wow! I love this, tell a person who was born and raised in a Muslim country and has traveled and worked in other Muslim countries to “get first hand experience” of living around Muslims! I’m glad a few rich Arabs are feeding you well and treating you like a king in Dubai, but for fuck sakes when you have no idea about the damage that Islam is causing to millions of people and when you probably haven’t read the Quran then please avoid making such terrible accusations. Go enjoy the life you’ve got. It has nothing to do with Islam.

I seriously hate non-Muslim apologists who think they know what Islam is about and make excuses for Islam while not even knowing what the vast majority of the Muslim population believes and practices!!